“Moving forwards, and certainly into next year there will be an increased level of underwritten business as we have been successful in securing two new contracts. Whenever we have questions, your staff is consistently polite, helpful, proactive and deal with our queries and claims in a professional and efficient manner – please pass on my thanks to everyone.”

—One of the largest Assistance companies in the world

“Our experience of working with Plotkin Health to date is characterized by strong discounts being achieved in the US, a high level of customer service, proactive communication and ongoing support for our businesses. Our visit further enhanced the existing strong relationship between our organization and Plotkin Health. It enabled us to meet the family members, establish their role within the business and to see for ourselves how the business works, its processes and expertise.”

—One of the largest European Assistance Companies

“It is with a sad heart that I must tell you this will be our last proposal we’ll work together on. My last day is today as I am retiring, and going home to work on my bachelors degree in coding. It has been fun working with you, and talking with you all over the past 3 years! From now on, you will be working with N__.”

—One of the largest hospitals in Arizona

“I appreciate the opportunity to take witness of the daily operations of Plotkin Health. The plethora of information you provided gave me additional insight regarding the very complex world of travel health insurance.”

—One of the largest US Hospital Groups

“You may want to consult with Plotkin Health on successful ways of obtaining adjustments from ___ Medical Center.”

—A smaller Independent Hospital Group

“Thank you for the warm welcome and the time you spent with me this week. I very much enjoyed review of your operations and congratulate you on your high standards of excellence in claim settlements. From intake to managing your professional network, compliance with document retention and privacy standards, your team demonstrated professionalism and attention to detail. A high standard that is quite unique in this industry and that others can only wish to attain.”

—Head of Operations, one of the largest International Third Party Administrators

“There was a high level of transparency in terms of information made available to us which further instilled trust and confidence in the processes and practices of Plotkin Health.”

—One of the largest European Assistance Companies