Settle high-value medical claims quickly. Guaranteed. 

  • We are experts in catastrophic, stop loss, and large loss medical provider claims settlement. Our team has specialized in settling these claims for more than two decades, so we can seamlessly navigate the complex ecosystem of high-value medical provider claims settlement.
  • Our proprietary, direct-to-provider medical network enables us to collaborate with hospitals, physicians, and other ancillary medical providers nationwide. We have long-standing relationships that ensure we obtain the best possible savings, fairly, and equitably.
  • We create a win-win negotiation environment so insurers and medical service providers can focus on outcomes. We settle more than 95% of claims we manage and guarantee 100% provider sign-off on settled claims, eliminating balance billing and/or deferred liabilities.
  • We generate impartial results by benchmarking claims against Medicare, federal and state claims data, commercial payer datasets, and historical transactions based on facility cost data, regional hospital data, and other industry payment data.
  • Our best-in-class analytics and reporting capabilities give customers timely, actionable feedback on savings.

International Insurance Market

How an international insurer chooses to pay its claims and manage its costs can have a profound impact not only on their financial results, but also on their members’ experience and customer satisfaction. In many ways, a customer’s experience in hospital and subsequent handling of a claim by their insurer will influence the word of mouth advertising and general consumer ratings that an insurer will receive.

Provider Market in the United States

Hospitals and physicians in the US are increasingly paying more attention to their revenue sources, with a major emphasis directed towards being reimbursed correctly and appropriately by the various payer groups. To this end, the widespread use of Domestic US PPO or Insurance contracts by International insurers is being addressed by almost all major healthcare providers in the United States.