About Plotkin Health

Plotkin Health is a Medical Cost Containment Company located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Plotkin Health provides cost containment services to more than 50 National and International Medical Insurers, and facilitates the settlement of claims in geographical areas which include, but are not limited to, the USA, Canada, Europe, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

Through a combination of legal, insurance, arbitration, medical, and business qualifications, Plotkin Health specializes in both small and catastrophic medical claims settlement, direct ‘PPO’ access, and out of network case settlements. We utilize our own extensive, direct, and favorable provider network to obtain significant cost savings in a fair and equitable manner. We do not utilize any outside 3rd party networks or PPO contracts.

With an approach of transparency and fairness to all, Plotkin Health is able to achieve the best net results in the industry, eliminate entirely any possibility of balance billing or deferred liabilities, and create a mutually beneficial environment where insurers and medical service providers can work together.


Plotkin Consulting was transformed into Plotkin Health on July 1st, 2017, after the Merger with Vida and purchase by MacroHealth.

“From intake to managing your professional network, compliance with document retention and privacy standards, your team demonstrated professionalism and attention to detail. A high standard that is quite unique in this industry and that others can only wish to attain.”

—Head of Operations, International Third-Party Administrators

International Insurance Market

How an international insurer chooses to pay its claims and manage its costs can have a profound impact not only on their financial results, but also on their members’ experience and customer satisfaction. In many ways, a customer’s experience in hospital and subsequent handling of a claim by their insurer will influence the word of mouth advertising and general consumer ratings that an insurer will receive.

Provider Market in the United States

Hospitals and physicians in the US are increasingly paying more attention to their revenue sources, with a major emphasis directed towards being reimbursed correctly and appropriately by the various payer groups. To this end, the widespread use of Domestic US PPO or Insurance contracts by International insurers is being addressed by almost all major healthcare providers in the United States.