The Plotkin Health Executive Team

With its head office in Vancouver, British Columbia, Plotkin Health specializes in all facets of medical loss mitigation, equally serving providers of medical service, insurers and re-insurers of Medical Travel Insurance, both locally and internationally.

Unique skills, combined with expert medical knowledge, legal knowledge, insurance knowledge, negotiation skills, advanced business practices, and modern technology, have resulted in the facilitation of unparalleled underwriting results and income for all hospitals and insurers who have availed themselves of our services.

“Our experience of working with Plotkin to date is characterized by strong discounts being achieved in the US, a high level of customer service, proactive communication and ongoing support for our businesses.”

A Note from Dr. Plotkin

Hospitals can charge “what they want” There is no regulation regarding the cost-to-charge ratio from a hospital provider, as long as there is no parallel billing and a single “exit price” is charged to every patient. In other words, the original billed amount has to be the same for everyone, insured, uninsured, Medicare, Private Insurer, international or anyone else. The difference comes in how much a hospital provider is willing to discount a bill (the reimbursed amount), and depends on who the payer is, with Medicare recipients getting the most favorable rates.