Dr. Colin PlotkinChairman Emeritus

    MB.B.Ch,. Dip.Pharm

    Dr. Plotkin has a unique 17 year post secondary academic education in the Professions of Pharmacy, Dentistry, and Medicine. He is a graduate with a MB.B.Ch degree from the world renowned University of the Witwatersrand Medical School, Johannesburg, South Africa. Dr. Plotkin founded Plotkin Health to provide insurers locally and abroad with expert knowledge and understanding of the medical provider market worldwide. Serving on the boards of 12 of the largest medical insurers worldwide, gaining extensive experience in the North American market, an intricate involvement with this market, how it functions and operates, assists your organization in minimizing losses on large claims. Immediately prior to founding Plotkin Health, Dr. Plotkin was Vice President of Managed Care and Assistance Services for Travel Insurance Coordinators Agencies Ltd., (T.I.C.) a wholly owned subsidiary of The Co-operators, one of the largest insurance companies in North America. After 7 years at T.I.C., he sold his stake to The Co-operators, fulfilling his desire to become an independent consultant to both the health insurance industry, and providers of medical service.

    Colin is now the Chairman Emeritus of Plotkin Health, and consults to the company on a number of important issues. He also retains current registration as a Medical Doctor in a number of countries, in addition to numerous memberships of required medical affiliations. Colin is a current member of the Canadian Association of Family Enterprise (C.A.F.E).